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Front Porch Step // Drown

Rather relevant, wow.

Tigers Jaw | Nervous Kids


Tigers Jaw | Nervous Kids


your graduation - modern baseball


your graduation - modern baseball

Just let it be. You may as well. Everything moves in and out at its own time. You have no control. You never did, you never will.
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Ghost Girl (by Kevin Francis Gray)


man but this photoset ignores some of my favorite things about this piece

like this

and this

it gives it more of a story i think

Every time I see this I must reblog!!

Not something I would usually reblog, but it’s so beautiful.


i just don’t understand how misogyny is even a thing i mean a woman carried you around for 9 months and pushed you out of her body and you think she’s weak and inferior to you

I hope they ask about me & I hope you tell them you fucked up.
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7 Things I Wish Parents Would Stop Teaching Their Children:


  1. That nudity is inherently sexual
  2. That people should be judged for their personal decisions
  3. That yelling solves problems
  4. That they are too young to be talking about the things they’re already starting to ask questions about
  5. That age correlates to importance
  6. That interacting with someone of the opposite sex is inherently romantic
  7. That the default for someone is straight and cisgender